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WNY Tutor was founded by Greg Gaulocher, an Amherst, NY native and accomplished private tutor. Greg is an honors scholar and UB alumnus, and he holds multiple NY State teaching certificates. While student tutoring during college, Greg discovered a passion for tutoring math and other subjects.

WNY Tutor serves Buffalo, NY area students in college and university programs and offers home tutoring for middle school and high school students.

Home Tutoring

Hiring a private tutor through WNY Tutor has improved the grades of students in Buffalo area high schools, colleges, universites, and graduate schools.

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Our private math tutors are waiting to begin working with you today! A private tutor is very often all students need to see immediate improvements in their grades. Starting a tutoring program begins with a free tutoring session! WNY Tutor will apply proven student tutoring methods to get long-term results. Contact WNY Tutor today!