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Student Comments

“I have worked with Greg from WNY Tutor for the past several years. He is extremely knowledgeable in practically every aspect of academia. He has provided me an enormous amount of help in various subjects during my high school career. Besides from help with classwork related material, he prepared me for college admission exams, including the SAT and the SAT Subject Tests. Greg has an outstanding ability to teach, which in my opinion is better than the teaching abilities of the standard high school teacher and college professor/lecturer. Greg also has helped me with my first college semester chemistry course, and without his help I would have had much more stress and anxiety about that class. He has a great personality, and I always enjoy working with him when the need arises. I will continue to use his services throughout my college career."

— Elias from Williamsvile, NY


“I worked with Greg on an online Physics 2 class. Greg was so helpful and really was responsible for me doing as well as I did in the class. He was very quick to respond with any questions I had and made a very hard subject for me, easier to grasp. He has worked with all 3 of my sisters and we cannot say enough great things about him. Would recommend him to anyone!"

— Kelsey from East Amherst, NY


“I contacted WNY Tutor the moment I realized I was going to need help getting through the rigorous science and math courses that were thrown my way as a new engineering student at the University at Buffalo. After my first session I was hooked! I scheduled weekly tutoring with Greg for the entire fall semester of my freshman year. I would not have been able to pass to physics without him! He was able to go over multiple subjects based on my needs and did so efficiently. He helped build my confidence through various practice tests and positive reinforcement! I always looked forward to my sessions, because I knew I would walk out feeling positive about my upcoming test. I am so thankful for WNY Tutoring and would not be where I am today without Greg!"

— Courtney from Rochester, NY


“WNY Tutor came highly recommended to me by a friend- to this day I am still thankful for her recommendation to work with Greg to help me prep for the GRE. He customized all the prep work to meet my needs and was considerate of my fluctuating schedule. Greg's positivity allowed me to always leave his tutoring session feeling more confident and less intimidated of the material at hand. When I requested more questions on a particular topic, he was always quick to get back to me with related practice problems (even on weekends). Greg is genuinely personable, attentive, and professional- definitely one of the best teachers I've ever had. I would recommend WNY Tutor to anybody for any subject. You'll see results and gain a new supporter cheering you on along the way!"

— Sarah from Buffalo, NY


“Greg is an amazing teacher and helped me through many challenges both in undergrad and master's courses. He takes the time and makes sure you understand the material. I would strongly recommend him to anyone struggling with any courses."

— Danny from Snyder, NY

“Without Greg from WNY Tutor I would not be where I am today! Greg provided 1-on-1 tutoring with me for a number of prerequisites for graduate school, including several algebra, physics, chemistry and organic chemistry classes, as well as corresponding labs; with his help was able to attain the A's needed to get into graduate school where I am today. Greg provides expert knowledge on many subjects and is talented in breaking concepts down to their components to make them workable. WNY Tutor was very flexible with scheduling as well, which as a full time student who also works part-time I greatly benefited from. If your goals are academic excellence you cannot go wrong with WNY Tutor, I would recommend his services to anyone!

— Toni from Kenmore, NY


“I have worked with Mr. Greg for five years. He has helped me succeed in Algebra 1 and 2, Honors Geometry, Honors Trig, AP Calculus, AP Chemistry and AP Physics. He was also my SAT prep coach and helped me increase my score by 200 points. He encouraged me to take the ACT which I would not have taken without his recommendation. I did very well in all of these classes and subsequently received multiple full tuition college scholarships. I accredit Mr. Greg's coaching and guidance throughout the years as the secret to my success. Mr. Greg is a knowledgeable and kind mentor that is always prepared to make every minute of our sessions count. There were countless times where I emailed him frantically with a homework or test prep question and within hours he would reply with a full explanation. No matter how many questions I asked Mr. Greg, he always had the answer. Most importantly, I would always leave sessions more confident with my skills and happy because Mr. Greg was always a pleasant and inspiring coach. Mr. Greg is extremely passionate about math and science and loves to teach. Every session I would walk away having learned something new and interesting, while also feeling extremely prepared for an upcoming test. He taught me more than just how to solve problems; he taught me to problem solve, to approach problems from multiple angles. These skills are invaluable and have made me a stronger student overall. I could always count on Mr. Greg. Mr. Greg is the best kept secret in Western New York!"

— Alicia from Clarence, NY


“I worked with Greg numerous times over the years, for subjects including organic chemistry, calculus, and the GRE. Greg is extremely knowledgeable and has a remarkable ability to teach. I honestly never would have passed organic chemistry or calculus without Greg’s help. He has a way of taking complex, difficult material breaking it down and making it understandable, a skill that most college professors I’ve encountered lack. I enjoyed my time working with Greg; he has a great personality, a flexible schedule and is quick to respond to emails. I highly recommend Greg’s tutoring services."

— Katelynn from Lancaster, NY


“WNY Tutor helped me so much throughout high school, college and even graduate school. He was very helpful and easy to get a hold of. He truly cares about each of his students academics and always gives positive feedback. Highly recommended!"

— Emily from Amherst, NY



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